27 December 2008

holiday happenings

our christmas was simply lovely. we spent a quiet morning at home, exchanging prezzies, & watching thehobbit figure out how to work his new typewriter. then; as we do every year; we headed over to sweet pom's house for an all-day brunch.

this tradition began in 2002, with thepoms taking pity on thehobbit & myself. both sides of my family live far away, & back then manlyman still had to work christmas. they invited us to join them, & have done so ever since. 2 years later manlyman was no longer scheduled for christmas, so joined the fray. i cannot imagine the holiday without thepoms - they are our family. they are also as nutty as they come, but we like them that way.
since then we've been unwinding, & playing with our new toys. yesterday paper & i took the kids to the beach so they could ride their new scooters. with them on wheels were able to keep a fairly decent walking pace. the wind was much too cold, but it was worth it to spend time at the ocean. it's just so beautiful there, & the air is so fresh.
how was your christmas? how has your hanukkah been? what are your plans for new year's eve?

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