07 September 2008

yo ho, yo ho, a quiet day for me!

we are having a quiet day together, my hobbity boy & i. this morning; whilst listening to peter pan; we built a pirate ship.

i know i gush about jim dale, but once you've heard him tell a story, you will understand why. he is simply a master. his performance of peter pan is no exception.

thehobbit did most of the work on the ship, leaving me in charge of the sails. which i glued on upside-down. by the time we realized this, the masts were already glued into the deck of the ship. my only job, & i got it wrong. i blame mr. dale for distracting me.

here is the completed ship, the black shadow. ignore the upside down masts if you will. posing with the much-feared vessel is its giant captain; able to walk on water, & ready to sail the ocean brown.

pirate month is turning out to be more fun than even i thought it would. after helping with farm chores, thehobbit & i read the parts of a ship in the handbook.

in need of some me time, i set forth the royal mama decree that it was blog break time, & thehobbit needed to find something to do without me for a bit. usually this results in him having absolutely nothing to do, blah, blah, whining, blah. but thanks to the morning of piratey things, he's happily sitting across from me, drawing a detailed version of the black shadow -similar to the drawings in the handbook. i asked if he was going to label everything as in the book, to which he replied: i am not going to answer you, because i know you are writing about this on your blog.



what have we here? a hobbit & his little buddy? the necklace was inspired by the nature necklaces blogged about here. those of you who have been reading for a time, know that i do not crochet well. i prefer to knit, which i also do not do well, but which i suck less at than crocheting.

tinker looked over the pattern, & taught me what to do - & paper has been helping me with tips & suggestions. if you followed the link to the original, you'll see i changed things quite a bit. personally i prefer hers, but i don't want to be a thief. kwim?

initially i wanted to create a version of her necklace that would hold a dinkie gnomie, but it didn't turn out as cute as i'd hoped. i wanted a little face to stick out of the top, & none of my gnomies; dinkie or otherwise; have faces.

thinking about my other gnomies, led me to thinking about the wooden pieces waiting to be turned into bigger gnomies. thehobbit nicked one last month, & drew a face & clothing on it - & that is what you see in the photo above. isn't it cute? i don't do faces on my little guys, so i am toying with an idea. tell me what you think please.

a kit! each kit could come with one already crocheted necklace, & one stained (& beeswaxed) figure - undecorated. i would include instructions (perhaps a story?) & tips, but leave the rest to whomever is the recipient of the kit. thoughts? suggestions?


thanks for the visit! (fyi: i just peeked, & he is labeling the parts of the ship. oh the cleverness of me.)



Anonymous said...

love the kit idea, super cute and works very well in the pouch, bag, hanging chad thingy...pirate plan person, did you make him too??

kat said...

thanks :-)

nope i didn't make the pirate, he came with thehobbit's giant pirate ship set http://www.blueberryforest.com/images/Images_prt/scout-ship-750x646.jpg


Spryte said...

kiddo here has that ship too so freaky! And we did boats as well, didn't paint them used markers- I have some extra and paint those- love the reverse dyeing- must try it here

kat said...

markers! that is a great idea, with no clean-up.

yes, do try the reverse-dye.


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