15 September 2008

something wicked this way comes

i find myself unable to describe how amazing the show was. the performers, the costumes, the set: all of it beyond words.

yesterday i gave thehobbit one of the playbills for his very own - the one in which he'd already circled his favorite performers.

this was the scene at the breakfast table this morning. you can just see his test sheet up at the top/left - he wanted the perfect shade of green: she's sort of apple, but not all the way. i need more green pencils. she isn't grass either. why isn't there an elphaba pencil? (dramatic sigh.)

if you can see this production, you really should. we could because a friend arranged a group discount. if not for that, we would not have been able to afford it. that bit; being with friends; made things even more special. we sat with two families, ran into others in the lobby, & waved at still others from our seats. all the shorties in their fancies!

i'm off to pretend that i a) haven't the pestilence, and 2) have cake. i hope you have a wonderful night.



Anonymous said...

I knew you'd like it!

kat said...

& i did, thanks :-)

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