21 September 2008

what a glorious day!

photo :: property of m.b.

i'm sorry i've not been around much of late; with so much going on, i find i cannot get online to blog as much as i like. i miss all of you! have you been miserable without me? no need to answer, that was rhetorical.
today was the reason for much of my absence - it was the annual r&s peace event, in celebration of international day of peace. this was our 3rd year attending, & 2nd as a part of the event itself. once again thehobbit & i came away immensely inspired. if i wasn't mind-bogglingly exhausted, i would write a description of the day that would leave you weeping at the beauty of my words. as it is, i'm finding it's taking all my concentration to say more than 'hi. today was pretty.'
unfortunately dr. jane was not able to join us this year. i would be lying if i said it was just as amazing without her. don't get me wrong please - it was spectacular & beautiful - it just was not the same. the day lacked her special mojo. i am sure i've said this before: if you ever have an opportunity to hear her speak, please do!

we walked proudly in the giant peace dove parade, & even more proudly showed our project to the public. this year our display was on switching to waste-free lunch kits. everyone brought extra lunch kits & containers to display; filled with thehobbit's wooden play food :-) we sold some market bags that we'd sewn last year, & i sold the last of my drink sling stock (with a percentage going to our r&s group.)

i think we made a lot of people think seriously about making the switch themselves. the biggest eye-opener was the information we had on plastic drink bottles. chris jordan has a piece that shows 2 million used bottles; the number of bottles used in the u.s. every 5 minutes! we had a copy of that to see, as well as a bottle filled a quarter of the way with sand. on it was a tag explaining why: imagine a plastic bottle filled 1/4 way up with oil. that is how much oil it takes to make one plastic drink bottle! (national geographic) having the bottle with the sand inside really illustrated how ridiculous & wasteful that is.
the score of our day; aside from inspiring others to stop creating needless garbage; was getting reusable bags & to-goware to create coupon codes for us! it was a great feeling to be able to hand out coupons all day. the coupons are one-use per person, & for a limited time, so hurry! oh. did i forget to tell you that i'm sharing the codes with you as well? happy shopping, & happy peace day :-)

how to use the codes: go to the websites, poke around & fill your cart. when you've finished go to check out, & type the codes into the coupon/gift card section - you know all of this, i'm sure. here are your codes:

for 20% at reusable bags = fecd29

for 10% at to-goware = ROOTS

you need to enter them as i've written them here, or the codes won't work. enjoy!!!

so - you ask - what's with the first photo? well pierce brosnan & his wife were the hosts of the event since dr. jane couldn't be. one of the things the host does is walk to all the r&s tables, look at the projects, & talk with the kids. here is mr. brosnan after paper dazed him with her beauty. he was so enamoured that it was all he could do to make it through the rest of the day. i wasn't at the table to witness this, but she assures me that's how it happened.

there is so much more to tell you about the day, but there is a couch & blanket calling to me. i hope your day was one of peace as well. oh! tomorrow is the first day of autumn! blessed be!!

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