03 September 2008

the most beautiful scarf

that ever there was!!!!

here we have thehobbit wearing said scarf - one that he crocheted with no help from me. not that i would have been of any use; seeing as i have no talent with a hook.

professor threadbare auntie paper taught the shorties the basics of crochet earlier this summer, then set them the task of crocheting a scarf before winter. he gave up quickly, as (like his mama) he wants to be instantly amazing at things. i thought for sure he wouldn't pick up the hook again, but lo & behold dear reader... he did indeed.


i think it's fantastic that my generation is taking up what could be called the lost arts. i don't know what it was like elsewhere, but where i grew up it just wasn't done. girls were busy being raised to be just as good as boys. mind you, i am woman, hear me roar & all that - but i think my childhood friends & i could have done with a little cooking, mending, laundry, etc lessons along the way. i may, or may not have been an adult when i learned to do those things. not that i'm admitting to anything.

as i said, i think it's wonderful to see women my age all over the place with hooks, needles, hoops, & the like. even more wonderful is seeing them with their daughters doing the same. i saw one little girl at a park who was knitting faster than any of my friends are able! but...

even more fantabulistic (real word) is seeing the sons sewing, knitting, embroidering, & (bragging again) crocheting. not only have we come so far that we are teaching little girls to create wonders for themselves & friends, but BOYS! oooh she's serious when she digs out the uppercase letters!

imagine a world where not only is it ok for girls to love sports & trucks, but a world where it is ok for boys to love sewing & cooking. where we no longer stick labels upon them: girls are quiet, & love pink & dolls; boys are loud & love blue & sports. well world look out because my boy is quiet, & loves black & faeries! dare label that, & you'll have me to answer to. judging from things i've been reading all over blogland (example) he's not the only one.


so yeah. um. i'm proud.



asti said...

That is SO cool. Well done ! Its really long too, so it must have taken a while...I'm going to show Lily... viva kids and the crochet revolution!

kat said...

isn't it fabulous asti?

yes! viva kids!! heehee.

Anonymous said...

bah! sewing and cooking and the lot! that's boys work!

women should be doted upon with all the things *they* make! heehee

kat said...

who doesn't love a good doting-upon?

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