01 September 2008

ahoy matey!

the black belfry set sail today, in search of buried coffee treasure! sadly we arrived back at port with no coffee treasure; buried or otherwise; but there's always tomorrow. we meant to get some on the way home, but we forgot. & yes i did run out of soy cream again. please stop laughing at me, i haven't had coffee lo these 3 days, & it's left me a tad prone to tears.

on a happier note: thehobbit is thrilled that pirate month is finally here. seeing the giant basket of piratey things that he hasn't been allowed to poke through, has been driving him mad. heehee. he's already received owl post from hogwarts (defense against the dark arts: wizard pirate hunting activities,) & tomorrow he'll find a kit to build a pirate ship. homeschooling is such fun!

i need to make the menfolk & myself some piratey tshirts. it's tradition locally for homeschoolers to wear tie dye shirts at large gatherings. this month we'll be at the not back to school day at disneyland, & the l.a. county fair. since both events shall also include pirate activities, we've been searching for a way to incorporate tie dye & pirates. it hasn't been easy, but i finally figured it out.
i'm going to buy black tshirts (a cute one for mama,) bleach, & white flannel. then we'll tie our shirts, & dunk them in diluted bleach. once we get them to a dark gray, we shall rinse out the bleach, & untie the shirts. after washing them in the machine, i'm going to stitch a flannel skull & crossbones on the front of each. i hope it works! if it does, i'll post photos of the process.
that's it for tonight. we had the poms over today for a bbq, & as utterly lovely as it was, i'm worn to a nub.


Valentine's Mom said...

Will you adopt me? It all sounds like so much fun. Your son is really lucky.

kat said...

heehee! sure :-)

it truly is fun, & i feel blessed that i'm able to give thehobbit this childhood.


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