12 September 2008

mrs. kat's wild ride

this has been one of those wild weeks, filled with events & outings; that seemed to be over before it began. how does time mess with our minds that way?

let's ignore the freakish amount of errands & chores i managed, & focus only on the fun! we held our wednesday night mama craft on tuesday this week, & had a formal tea party in honor of soap's birthday. as usual it was a lovely evening - i just adore those mamas. i dare not admit how much food i ate. no, seriously.


the whole of wednesday was spent at disneyland for not back to school day. what fun!! i don't know what the official tally was, but there sure were a lot of us; there is little that compares to being surrounded by that many homeschoolers. we met up briefly with friends through the day, but spent the bulk with the papers & soaps. the best part of the day; aside from friends; was that there was hardly anyone else there. we rarely had to wait to get on any ride, & when we did, it was ever so briefly. i'm sure disney prefers it crowded, but not i.

there was a shorty book club, & an r&s meeting in there as well. i am one very tired mama. bone-wearily so. i should go to bed early tonight to rest, & yet i cannot. why kat? why can you not go to bed early tonight? more to-dos needing to be to-done? more homeschool things needing your attention? what? what?

no dear reader, no early night, no things of any kind needing my attention. instead i shall be spending the evening thusly...

oooh yes! my menfolk & i shall be dressing in our fancies, & going to the theatre! & not a cutesy play at a community theatre, put on by children actors mind you. i'm so excited i feel a little vomity. on that note, i'm off!


Eliza said...

Well? How was the show? We saw it last year, and my whole family loved it.

kat said...

it was simply brilliant! from start to finish, i was barely breathing.

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