28 September 2008

did i mention i'd be away?

i meant to tell you we'd be off camping all week, but apparently i forgot. i'm sorry if my unusual lack of blogging had you wondering if all was well.
we went with a group, up the coast to my favorite local campground. i wouldn't say it was one of the best times i'd had camping; i shall spare you; but there were enough lovely moments to have made the week quite enjoyable. i mean really - would you just look at those adorable, little, filthy toes!
i love being so close to the ocean: the smell & feel of the air, the wildlife, the adventures to be had, & the sounds. hearing the waves crashing through the night is one of my favorite sounds. it's so soothing & magical, & vastly better than listening to giant raccoons stealing the cookies i'd stored in a bin, then weighted down with a gallon of water.
thehobbit is in his element when camping. he was out of sorts the first 2 days of the trip, but he got through it, & found his groove. lucky for him, because manlyman & i were considering leaving him out the next night, tied to a bag of cookies.

i love this photo! watching thehobbit & his 2 best friends walking along the shore, all quiet & serene, & deep in conversation had been a moment to cherish. there aren't 2 kids in the world more suited for him than minipaper & minisoap. he has other friends i think are simply lovely, but these 2 are meant for thehobbit. they are sweet & just as odd & so good to him, & he loves them deeply.

as much as i love camping, i am happy to be home. we've just been too busy these last few weeks, & i need to take care of things around here. the house & the farm are showing serious signs of neglect, & if i don't dye my hair soon, you shall find me wearing a hat, & whimpering in a dusty corner. not to mention that i need to get all the october homeschooling things taken care of. i know none of that sounds as relaxing as camping; & it isn't; but if i don't get my home back in order there's just no way i can relax. i don't do well living in chaos.
& on that note, i'm off. i hope you have a lovely day.


~PhaedraPhoenix~ said...

Lovely pics and sentiments...see you soon!

Pom said...

No, you did not mention!

I am very relieved that you were not eaten by wolves, or bears, or fell down a manhole on your street. The lack of blogging was disconcerting.



kat said...

thank you for the lovely comment. see you wednesday night!


kat said...

i'm sorry pom!

neither bears nor wolves this trip - loads of giant racoons though!


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