16 September 2008

a fairytale like no other

that's the tag line for the film penelope . i knew i just had to see it when first i saw its trailer - it simply looked like my kind of movie. rubelin loaned it to me yesterday, so i finally got my chance. & oh my one & only reader?... it so was my kind of movie. it was as if it had been created just for me. in fact that sounds like a wonderful idea - a studio that releases only films i would like! are you listening hollywood??

i was surprised when rubelin told me the film was child-friendly. it was a happy surprise, because it meant i didn't have to wait until thehobbit went to bed to view it. at first thehobbit rolled his eyes, & pulled the 10yo 'tude. i ignored him because a) i knew it was a ruse, & 2) i didn't want to miss any of my pretty movie. about 20 minutes in he gave up the 'tude, & got lost in the film along with his mama. so ha!

the film truly was beautiful. i love when they create costumes & sets that have no specific when to them. does that make sense? people usually say these films look timeless, but i'm not sure if that's accurate. perhaps classic? oh i don't know; my brain is cloudy with pestilence, & a lack of french fries.

that's all for today. when not moaning about my pestilence, i've been getting ready for this sunday's day of peace event. that means i have neither sewing, nor crafting to share.

go rent penelope!


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