30 June 2008

of babies, tents, & tutorials

** edited to say that blogger is clearly drunk tonight. not only are they taking away spaces between paragraphs, now they're adding extras! drunkards.**

would you just look at that face? i cannot show all of her; as she's not mine to share; but that tiny glimpse is enough to send any heart soaring. hi baby!
my dearest friend spryte brought this teeny babe into the world on thursday, making me the most happiest, honorary auntie that ever there was.
sadly for me, they live a zillion miles away - lucky for her though, because were they nearby, i'd steal the babe for my very own.
* * *

photo :: property of eihr.com
tearing the belfry apart has been put on temporary hold. we had friends over for the weekend to camp in our backyard, (that's a glimpse inside my tent by the way,) & the next week or so shall be crazy with sewing for the freaky number of july birthdays. i know what all you people were doing in october! tsk tsk.
to be honest, i'm grateful for the break. it's been hard work, & there's still so much left to do. having a reason not created in my imagination to stop for a bit is a welcome thing. of course by the time i'm done sewing the freaky number of gifts you'll find me ready to get back to tearing the house apart.
* * *
in my quest to learn to embroider, i've found another helpful tutorial over at craftstylish.

photo :: property of jennifer stern

i need to finish the patch for my secret project, so i'll definitely give this trick a try. do you have any embroidery tutorials you'd like to share?

time to get to reading... go have a lovely night.

~peace. (sweet dreams tiny baby!)

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