22 June 2008

hot pants

i would have written yesterday, but i was busy complaining about the weather to anyone who'd listen. when people started ignoring me; i just kept on mumbling to myself.

it is rarely horrendously hot on my little hill. our first 4th of july we were in parkas once the sun went down - & that is not my usual exaggeration for drama's sake. yesterday was foul. foul, wretched, horrid, & hot hot hot!

the kind of hot where you tell your loved ones to stop touching you, & suggest they sit farther away, because their heat is touching you.
we finally traded in bella & tallulah for these lovely camels. when in rome...

i have no crafting loveliness to share with you today. we're in the middle of ripping the house apart, one room at a time. my idea had been to tackle one room a day, but this heat has made that impossible. we're having to do it in bits, taking many breaks to cool down. you can imagine this leaves little time to craft. ah well - in the end i'll have a clean, clutter-free, peaceful belfry.

one of the rooms already hit, was thehobbit's. we do the family bedroom for sleeping, but he has his own space for all else. in cleaning out his dresser, i found a pair of pants that he can no longer wear. well i found many, but these brought tears to my eyes. they are a size 6, but we found them at a thrift shop when he was 3.5. he just had to have them, & wore them with a belt, & the legs rolled up 4 times. it was very cute. over the years the belt no longer was needed, & we slowly rolled less & less. 2 years ago they had to be cut into clam diggers, & recently he split the crotch trying to squeeze into them.

until last year he was quite short for his age. it's allowed him to wear clothing for eons. that's no longer the case, & he's not thrilled to grow out of things as rapidly as his friends. usually by the time he's outgrown something, i'm sick of looking at it. because these pants had been a part of his wardrobe for 6 years, removing them with the other outgrown clothes was a bit sad.

thehobbit proved he is my spawn, & asked if we could cut them into squares for patches. brilliant! he said i could use them for whatever i wanted, but could he please have one patch with a peace sign embroidered on it. of course sweet hobbity boy, of course.

i hope your weather is as you like it.



rubelin said...

aw, I'll miss those pants =)

kat said...

as will i. isn't it strange how we attach emotion to our kids' belongings? well to some anyway ;-)

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