06 June 2008

do i have to unpack?

can't i just leave all the gear in bella? do i really need room for people groceries & the like? it would be so much easier to leave it there, & go about my days. we'll camp again eventually, so it wouldn't be as if all that gear was needlessly taking up space.

the campout was great fun! we had one scary night with freakystrong winds, but other than that it was fabulous. the camp was on a bluff above the ocean, so we had the most amazing view. from our camp we saw a great many pelicans flying & diving - or perhaps it was one flock that we saw a great many times. hmm. either way, they were fun to watch. wednesday morning we were thrilled to see a sea lion, & a pod of dolphins. i wish we had been down on the beach for that, but they were close enough to the shore to be seen clearly from on high.

i enjoyed spending time with my friends, & even managed a bit of knitting. thehobbit had such a wonderful time, that more than once he wouldn't leave playing to chat with daddyo on the cell! now that is something.

as much as i love camping; & am bummed when a trip ends; i must say that i'm glad to be home. i would be more glad were house elves to suddenly appear, finish my unpacking, clean my filthy house, & cook my dinner. does anyone have a spare house elf they can send my way?

that's all for today. i just wanted to pop in, & say hello.

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