25 June 2008

in which i got distracted & stabbed, then loved a book

i had this long story to share with you; with a great lead-in, suspense, & a dramatic climax. i brewed a mug of soycreamy coffee goodness, & sat down to write.

not long in, thehobbit decided he couldn't live one moment longer without telling me what he'd just read about the diplodocus. it was only a few minutes later that he came to tell me about the torosaur. he had been out of the room for a few seconds, when he reappeared to ask me how tall 80 feet was. (i resisted answering that it was 80 feet - but oh how tempted was i.)

i; having already garnered the worst mama of the year award; decided today i'd go for the seemingly very interested no matter how many times you show or tell me this same thing mama of the year. a much more difficult award to secure. (btw - thehobbit is back to adoring all things dino, due to watching a documentary on how they made the dinos for this.)

having been utterly distracted, i found myself unable to continue. drat me & my quest for yet another mama-award. the short version of my rivoting tale?

whilst cleaning compartments in bella, i managed to stab myself with a quilting pin on the tip of my pointer finger. it took manlyman 2 tries to get it out as it was in deep. it was so far & firmly in that i wondered after if it had struck bone. blood gushing, horrid pain, i may or may not have been screaming at the top of my lungs - i made for quite the entertainment in the front drive.
today it throbs if i so much as whisper near it, so my plans of sewing this morning; before tearing into another room; have been thrust to the wayside.

pity me my one & only reader, please do. i am wounded & unable to craft, but fully able to clean another room. little in life is as unfair as this. (she jests)

before i leave, i want to let you know there are new books listed over there <--------. read along with us, & let me know what you think of the books. which reminds me: did you ever read here be monsters? what did you think? we loved it beyond words. ok, i'm off. see you later!


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