17 June 2008

drip, drip, squish, squish

yesterday we got up at the crack of dawn, & went off to spend the day at disneyland. it was rough getting up & moving so early in the day, but it was worth it. getting there before the crowds put us in a relaxed mood for when the hordes did arrive. & oh did they ever! the sound of all those people in one place made me think of the roar of a giant waterfall.

photo :: property of flyingfingers.com

speaking of waterfalls: yesterday's adventure included more 1sts. for those new to the belfry, we've been trying to see/experience parts of disneyland that we had yet to. this trip we played on the island, rowed the canoes, & popped over to california adventure to try this!!

thehobbit was wary, because he does not like rollercoasters. we watched from a bridge for a good while, & he was sold. he loved every moment of it, especially the part where we got wet. did i say wet? sorry. i meant soaking, dripping wet. imagine if you will, someone pouring a large barrel of water onto your lap. did i mention you were wearing a skirt? ahh well that just adds to the fun. then imagine another person pours a bucket of water down your back whilst you're leaning forward to cover your girls (having just realized your shirt will be see-through if you don't.) make sure you're wearing canvas shoes, so you squish squish when you walk out of the park. yes i said 'out' - we were bone weary by then, & as much fun as the ride had been, i couldn't imagine enjoying dripping the day away.
it truly was a lovely day, & a fabulous fare-thee-well to disneyland for the season.

i forgot to share my latest treasure! i found this basket (mine is about 2ft tall) in perfect condition, with the straps intact, & no signs that it had ever been used. it was $5 at a thrift shop!! it is gorgeous, & i have no idea what i'll do with it :-)
time to get ready for hogwarts. i hope you have a lovely day. oh... that photo of the van was not meant to go with anything written about - i just thought it was funny.
**ps: why does blogger take away spaces here & there?**


~Phaedra~ said...

I think you need to come to Topanga and pick apples with that basket...

belleandboo said...

oohhhh lovely baskets, great find

kat said...

thanks to you both for the basket-love.
please visit again soon :-)

ph~ i would not be able to lift it, were it filled with apples. now chocolates...


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