23 June 2008

i feel shopish, how about you?

what is it about museum shops that make me drool so? i know they carry wonderful books, toys, reproductions, & art kits; but i also know i can find those things less pricey elsewhere. perhaps it's an illness? museumshopitis? that's it! i'm not to blame, it's the museumshopitis that forces me to buy a small roll of wrapping paper printed with an antique map of paris for $4 stuff.

after a book club brunch yesterday, we went to a festival at the getty. it was hot, but crafts, music, friends, & occasional breezes made it worth sweating in places a girl ought not.

photo :: property of getty.edu
the above photo is thehobbit's favorite spot at this museum. the labyrinth in water is beautiful in person. bring coins for tossing!
if you are planning a trip there, read some books before you go. knowing the history of a place adds much to the going. here is a great one for kids. i haven't read all of these, but can vouch for many.
speaking of fun things in shops: thehobbit wants these remote control jousters, & i definitely need this.
as much as i love shopping chatting with you, i must get out of my jams, & on my way. my personal assistant is imaginary, so i'll have to run errands for myself today.
what fun/silly/cool items do you like to window shop for?
* can anyone please tell me please please, why blogger keeps removing spaces randomly from my posts? *

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