26 June 2008

coffee break sans coffee

how wonderful to sit! i've been balancing my day between the house overhaul, & playing with thehobbit. finding balance is not something i am naturally good at, so today has me worn to a frazzle - & it's still hours yet until bed. it's not thehobbit wearing me down, but my struggle to stay focused on my goals.

here is a photo of a few recent projects:

the little bits of fabric are patches i'm working on for bags, or aprons, or whatever else needs one. i suppose i should have ironed thehobbit's asthma sucks patch before i took the photo, but i hate the iron & the iron hates me. the red heart is part of a secret project for a dear friend.

the bag is from martha's show. i made it in a hurry, to wear out last week, so didn't take the time to make it reversible. it was an easy project, & i'll definitely make another one day. if you're looking for a little summer purse, give it a try.

* sigh *

my break has come to an end - back to my balancing act.

have any balance tips you'd like to share?

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