07 June 2012

ancient greece studies (the books)

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thehobbit  is studying ancient greece over the summer with friends. instead of meeting for classes, they'll do the work on their own time, then meet twice monthly for activities, games, & a party. sort of a freaky, backwards summer camp, i suppose.

because we have so little time, i decided to stick with just a few things: the basics of when & where & who, mythology, & the olympics. that last would not be one of my choices were it not an olympic year.

like i did with our middle ages studies (here & here), i thought i would share resources with you. here are the educational books we are using - in no particular order:

groovy greeks activity book - i've not yet looked through this one, i only just ordered it.
ancient greece! 40 hands-on activities - borrowed from auntiepaper.
classical kids - ditto this book

& those for (more importantly) fun:

the lost hero - i know this one is a series, but book 2 is roman-themed. we'll save this for autumn :)

whew, that was a lot of linking! links & ideas will have to wait for another day.

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