25 June 2012

thrifting show & tell - red


unlike our usual thrifting adventures, this week's had a purpose: to find me some clothes for our upcoming road-trip. a month ago i was put on a strict eating regimen (that's a story for another day), the result of which finds me between sizes. not wanting to go on a road-trip nakie, i needed to hit the shops. to my delight i quickly gathered a large pile of perfectly katish clothing, all appropriate for road-tripping & other adventures.

i was gleefully headed to the check-out when thehobbit spotted it. there, beneath a hideous rug & two horridly ugly comforters, lay the rug of my dreams. long have i wanted an oriental rug, preferably one a bit worn here & there. the ones i had come across in the past were the wrong size, or colors, or much too expensive. 

not this time! this time the rug was the perfect size, the perfect colors, & the perfect price. woo & hoo, baby!

of course, this meant that i could not afford my glorious stack of clothing. back it all went.

except this teensy pair of red wellies. every elfling must have a pair of red wellies, don't you think?

of course, now i shall have to go on the road-trip nakie. 


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