11 June 2012

mud pies in the making


last week i stumbled upon mud stations on pinterest. i saw  fancy mud kitchens, simple mud kitchens, mud bars, & rustic mud pie stations. by the time i was finished looking, i knew we needed a mud station at thebelfry.

of course, in typical kat-fashion i decided this had to happen a) that very moment, & 2) whilst manlyman was away & the rest of us were down with a (to quote a friend) bad-ass cold. thehobbit, being the least bad-assificated (real word), was put immediately to work sweeping & hauling.

for a back-splash we are using an old headboard that i found on the side of the road a few years back. i had intended on making this, but ended up leaving it at the mercy of the elements instead. the work surface itself is our old coffee table, which had been dragged outside one year for a party, then also left at the mercy of the elements. (yes, i see a pattern.) right now the table is the perfect height for a toddler to stand at.

after things were swept & hauled, it was simply a matter of gathering tubs, bowls & cups from elsewhere in the yard, & some wooden spoons from thehobbit's old kitchen set. oh, & hanging a mini birthday bunting, of course.

there is still much to be done: shelves to house things, hooks for the back-splash, a thrift shopping expedition for kitchen tools, & so on. i think, however, that we have the makings of a wonderful mud station.

elfling got busy straight away, making pretend mud pies for me. i was too ill to deal with the aftermath of mud-play, so had not told him that he would be able to play with actual mud here. if the joy at puttering away at his little pretend mud station is any indication, cooking real mud pies is going to be mind-blowingly awesome.

(i shall post photos when the mud station is complete!)

updated :: we've added an old crate, & more kitchen items.

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