20 June 2012

mine no more


the time came for me to give up my beloved sewing nook. toys had begun taking over the big room, toddler chaos needed to be contained. i shall not bore you with how sad i was at losing my sunny little room, nor at how long i managed to procrastinate the move. let me just say: quite a lot, & quite a long while.

i have yet to find the perfect artwork & rug, but otherwise elfling's play-nook is open for business. would you like a brief tour?

we got lucky that we had furniture elsewhere in thebelfry that fit this tiny space so perfectly. this small bookcase used to house school books, which long ago outgrew its confines. its petite dimensions is perfect for toddler books, baskets, & cauldrons. what? your child does not keep his toys in cauldrons? how odd.

that smaller shelf-thingie on the right used to store thehobbit's craft supplies. its new job is that of rag doll & stuffed creature containment. occasionally i organize it, but the order does not last long. oh. the reason the bottom squares look odd is that they are the backside of drawers. elfling became obsessed with opening & shutting them; often with a teensy finger still inside; so i turned them around. we lose storage this way, but better than we lose teensy fingers. i think i found this little shelf-thingie on the side of a road.

i was about to start this sentence with: & on the other side of the room. ha! as small as this space is, it hardly can be called a room, let alone have another side to it. so:

right here we have the rest of his stuff. to give you an idea how small this nook is: that is not a full-sized baker's rack, it stands less than 5-ft tall. that red & brown box on the bottom shelf is one of my favorite things; a toy garage that belonged to my father-in-law. i love its homemade simplicity, & the knowledge of how many little ones in this family played with it before it was given to us. you do not want to know how many wooden cars, ducks, ladybugs, & helicopters are crammed within.

before i draw this to a close i want to say that we do not have a dead bear rug. that flat panda is one of those pillows that velcro into a stuffed animal shape. i find it creepy, but elfling looooves it. plus, until we do find the perfect rug, creepyflatpanda (his name. in my head.) keeps his tushy warm on the uglier than sin linoleum floor.

& that ends our brief tour. thanks for joining me. what about you? did you give up your space for your wee people?


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