29 February 2012

hello from the middle ages - part two

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today i am sharing the videos i have found. i hope to find many  more, & if i remember to hahaha, i plan to update this post. let's get straight to it, shall we?

lost castles of england i mentioned this one yesterday. the kids loved it. the documentary discusses the wooden castles that were built for about 250 years, beginning in 1066. the gore-factor is moderate. i found it on netflix, instant watch.

the dark ages this documentary is fabulous. i recommend it for middle school & up, as the gore-factor is seriously high. also netflix, instant watch.

clarissa & the king's cookbook is a short bbc show about what is possibly england's first cookbook. even if you aren't studying the middle ages, you should see this - it is so interesting. gore-factor is zilch.

terry jones' medieval lives  i have yet to watch these, therefore do not know if they are child-friendly. it's terry jones, so they are bound to be wonderful. amazon has books that go along with this short series, by the way.

enjoy!!! (happy leap year!)


LA Mama said...

My husband is our kids' history teacher, and he had the girls (8 and 6) watch Terry Jones' Medieval Lives. :)

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

i have since watched & loved them! his "crusades" series as well.

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