18 June 2012

for now


it has been much too long since thebelfry had a faery garden. once thehobbit outgrew his love of faeries & all things teensy (can you hear my heart breaking from there?) i stopped finding time to maintain ours.

now that elfling has discovered the world of the wee folk, i am yearning to make a new one with him. i have a lot going on right now, so all that is happening is a great deal of poking around the internet for inspiration. pinterest has loads of beautiful faery garden photos, as does my lovely friend over at the magic onions.

one thing i was able to do now was to pot a few bits of succulents for my kitchen window.

i used a bucket stolen from thehobbit's old borrowers' house, & a tiny wooden container that was missing its lid.

it may not be the faery garden of which i dream, but it is enough to satisfy. 

for now.


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