28 February 2012

hello from the middle ages - part one

photo :: property of miss paper
i did not mean to be away for so long,my dear one & only reader. did you know that a pestilence can go through four people in the same home, at different times, & drag the whole blasted affair out for weeks on end? it was not the most fun few weeks of my life, i will say that much. however, all are well now, & i am slowly getting us back to our normal goings on.

one thing we are getting back to is medieval studies; thehobbit & some friends began studying together, just before the dreaded pestilence hit. the above photo is from our first class. they watched the documentary lost castles of england, then set about building a motte-&-bailey castle from pretzels & icing.

over the past few weeks, i have been compiling a list of books to add to our collection. in case your kids are interested, i thought i'd share the list with you. i'll begin with what we already have:

time traveller books (tinker's book)
knights & castles (paper's book)
the door in the wall (tinker's book)

& now the list:

it's not a complete list by far, but it is a good start. if you can only afford one book, i recommend measly middle ages. the horrible histories books are brilliant.


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