05 June 2012

monkey sea, monkey do


you thought i misspelled see in the title of this post, i know you did. well, my dearest one & only reader, i did not; i actually meant sea, as in sea-monkey. thehobbit is raising them. it had not occurred to me to buy him a kit when he was younger, so this is his first experience with the little creatures.

i did wonder if he was too old for this; being a great old man of fourteen; but he is having a blast. he named them all bob, talks about them quite a lot, & visits them many times a day. truth be told, the entire family is smitten by our colony of sea-monkeys.

can you blame us?

that's bob, by the way.


edited to add :: i just heard back from sea-monkey central - bob is knocked up! that dark mass before her tail is her eggs. woo & hoo, baby!

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