18 July 2011

a visitor

the title for this post was going to be ew! look what horridly disgusting thing is on my window! get it off now, or we are moving!, but was too long to fit the space. plus thehobbit (aka dr. doolittle) got quite angry when i said as much. he also refused to let me use the images ( he was the photographer) unless i went with something more kind. sigh.

what? you don't see anything dreadful in that photo? how about this one?

he's getting closer!

yes, please, go away.

now i love creatures, great & small, but i draw the line at creepy crawlies. especially those attempting to get into my house, & most likely kill me. or some other mischief. want to eat the nasty bugs in my garden? you are more than welcome! just please, not while i am actually in my garden.

ugh, i have to end this post now. it's giving me the heebie jeebies, just thinking about it.


all images in this post were taken by thehobbit, & used with his permission.


curlymonkeymama said...

This visitor was spying on you! Be afraid! :)

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

i am!

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