06 July 2011

of sunlight & weathered wood

edge of potting table :: came with house
i went out to water thefarm, & quickly became distracted by how beautiful the early morning light played upon the weathered wood. the poor plants shall have to be seen to later, as i never made it as far as the hose. instead, i grabbed my camera & took photos. here are some i thought you might like. the captions tell what you're looking at, & from where things came. enjoy!

legs of  dining chairs (replete with cobwebs) :: friend was getting rid of them

seat of victorianesque park bench :: free, from a closed school

back of a wood & iron bench :: another from the closed school
back of old chair :: found curbside 

side of a wine barrel :: neighbors left behind when moving

back of an adirondack bench :: found curbside

seat of a child's picnic table :: found in bushes

top of a make-shift table :: found curbside

back of the same make-shift table (1 of 2 chairs) :: thrift store

i know i should protect wooden things with sealant before setting them out of doors, but a) i am too lazy, & 2) i find weathered wood to be so rich & beautiful. there is something about the graying wood, the chips of paint left behind, the slight warping, & the occasional moss... sigh.

i do have to paint those dining chairs, however. the seats have split, making them quite unusable. remember those dining chairs on the series friends? they were each a different color. perhaps that's what i'll do. i have cans of paint with only a bit left, so wouldn't need to purchase any. that would make my chairs: white, sage, barn red, & buttery yellow. of course, this means i need to find the time to glue the seats first. oh the ever-growing to-do list.

thanks for visiting. i hope you enjoyed my babbling the photos. don't you wish early morning sunlight lasted all day?



Funky Junk Interiors said...

Ohhh... weathered wood. My favorite finish of all. :) Thanks for the fun eye candy! Cute post. :)


kat (kats in the belfry) said...

hi donna, i'm happy to hear you enjoyed the photos. have a lovely one!

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