07 July 2011

not quite a water park


this week's thursday things will not take place. sorry, my swiss cheese brain is in full bloom.

a galvanized basin, a green metal bucket, & a chipped enamel mug do not a water park make. this, i know. be that as it may, ever since chatting with you about it the other day (here), i've been poking around thebelfry, looking for items that would get us a bit closer to having our own toddler-sized water park.

manlyman would be quick to mention that i do indeed own quite a few metal & enameled containers that would suit. but he does not understand the difference between dear items in a much-loved collection, & a bunch of stuff gathering dust all over thebelfry.

when next we hit the thrift shops, i'll pick up a few enameled roasters & stockpots. they are always on the shelves, but i pass them by because of chips inside, where the food goes. for water play i don't think i need worry about the rusty spots. do i???

so there you have it - our not quite a water park. see you tomorrow!


1 comment:

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