29 July 2011

party crafting!

elfling had a lovely day turning two. i could have done without the broken water heater, & the house filled with handymen, but the wee birthday boy thought that bit to be great fun. we wrapped up the day with a meal at a (new to us) favorite restaurant, & more playing with his (thrifted!!!) birthday prezzie.

my week has mostly been spent getting ready for his party. i am not nearly as far along as i'd like to be, but then again, i never am. here is a sneaky peek at some of the things i have been up to.

a page of stickers! i printed the many twos on a page of sticker paper (from one of cathe's give-aways). these stickers are to be put on bags of popcorn.

three lengths of bunting! red & orange are not colors i am drawn to. in fact, other than barn red, i don't care for either. when choosing fabric for the bunting, i found two shirts that thehobbit had long outgrown. i had saved them to use as pouch linings, but proclaimed them to be excellent bunting fabrics instead. & so they were.


each bunting alternates between the orange/blue/white stripes, & the orange/red/white check. i didn't hem the edges, so over time they'll develop a wonderful fray. & look! a perfectly dinky version for the cake! a la twirling betty.

swoony, isn't it? if i could, i would spend all my free (hahahaha) time making teensy bunting. this one is different from last year's. i opted not to print his name on the bunting, remembered to buy the longer skewers, & i stitched it with embroidery floss instead of using the machine.

that's it for photos i'm afraid. my camera's batteries had just enough life left in them for uploading. i promise there will be more to come though. the party is to be this sunday, so monday i'll have party photos to share with you. pinky swear!

until then...


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pb said...

nice post keep it up :)


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