05 July 2011

swoony old buckets


no, that is not my pirate name, though it would be a good & appropriate one. thehobbit & i were poking through my photo archives, & found this photo of gorgeous old buckets. swoon! they aren't mine, sadly. they were for sale at a plant show we attended a few years ago. i could not afford even the smallest, so snapped a photo instead.

the large basin would be perfect right about now. the weather has finally turned summery, & elfling is mad for playing with water. we have a galvanized basin he fits in, but only just. plus, it is elongated, so not as much room on either side of him as a proper basin would have. wouldn't it be fun to have basins of all sizes filled with water, & set about the yard? he could have his very own water park!

i have been peeking in on craigslist daily, in hopes of finding some basins, or large buckets, but so far not a one. no worries though, i shan't give up the quest. arrrrggggghhhh. sorry. couldn't be helped. all i need do is write the word pirate, & i start thinking all piratey. perhaps i am swoony old buckets, after all.

ok, i'm off in search of more ideas for my imagined water park. have a lovely one, do!



Prettydreamer said...

dear kat ... if only you were some where on the other side of the country (where I am) ... I would have some large basins for you .. they are just sitting in a shed ... can you imagine?! ~pamela

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

oh pamela, you should just move here. then i could have the basins & & & & get to spend time with you!

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