27 July 2011

nearly two


it has finally hit me. my wee boy is hours away from being a two year old. that isn't to say i am only now freaking. trust me, i have been easing into a freak for nearly a month now. it is just that now i am fully in the freak.

be warned,  i shall allow him to be referred to as two for one full day - after that we revert to months. to recap:

july 28th, he is a two year old.

july 29th, he is 24 months old.

got it?

(update :: head over to my facebook page, & share your memories with the rest of us.)
this photo (& yesterday's) were found via a google search. i cannot remember from which sites. if either image belongs to you, please let me know, so i can give you credit.  

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