11 July 2011

in which i plant seeds & give you a quickie


not that kind of quickie - you have a naughty mind.

so, i am actually getting things done! the other day i managed (thank you not quite a water park!) to get some flowers re-potted, & 3 flats of seeds planted. we have a very long growing season here, so there is still plenty of time to grow & harvest. if you are in southern california, here is a great planting calendar.

i planted: lettuce, cucumbers, chard, pumpkins, parsley, 2 types of zucchini, & fennel. yum.

do you remember this seed box? i wish i could find the post in which i wrote about it, but i cannot. here is a quickie how-to:

* take an index card to your favorite container store. you want one as wide as the index card. wider is fine, but less is not. i only need one container for my seed collection, but i have a friend who could fill a few. buy what you need.

* label each index card with the seed packets that will be stored in front of it. how you categorize is up to you. some seeds in my box are grouped into one category (herbs), whilst others have each their own (zucchini, winter squash, etc).

* place your seed packets, on their sides, in front of the appropriate index card. pop on the lid, & do the happy dance!

note ::  i also keep small scissors (for opening new packets), a marker, & craft sticks (for labeling what seeds were planted) in this box.

now comes the hard part - the waiting. what about you? how does your garden grow?



auntie soap said...

Ack, my garden is in shambles right now. We are trying to bring it back into production. The tomatoes are in and growing, growing, growing.

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

i want to come up & peek! i think our definition of "in shambles" may be a bit different ;)

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