13 July 2011

thrifting show & tell - summer dishes


we have been on the hunt for summery dishes, my lads & i. our kitchen is freakysmall, so i have always used my regular dishes for everything. money-wise it's a good thing, but over time many of my favorite pieces have been broken, or used to the point of, well, unusableness (real word). i decided it was time to go thrifting.

high on my list of wants was a small bowl in which to store & serve fruit. i have many dinky bowls, a few large ones, but none that were just small. imagine my joy to find the absolute perfect bowl on my very first thrifting expedition! (much thanks to the stunt strawberries, for appearing in this photograph.)

there hasn't been much time for research, but based on a quick googling (oh please spell-check, get with the times!), i know it is a vintage mixer bowl, glasbake, by sunbeam. oh! & it is milk glass, which i love. i could not have found a more perfect (for me) bowl had i tried. seriously, our first outing for the purpose of summery dishes, & the first thing i saw on the shelf. meant. to. be. mine.

this stack of sweet little plates is the beginnings of a collection of dessert plates. actually the top 4 were meant to sit beneath a tea cup, & the bottom 4 for bread. that is what google tells me. they were made by kelston, & it would seem they no longer are made. i've searched all over the internet, but can only find a dinner plate or cereal bowl for sale, & those for too much money at that.

this makes me sad. worse? i saw these plates a few weeks ago, but decided they were too pricey. they weren't really, but i was trying to behave. i was thrilled to find them still there, but (here is where the worse comes in) originally there had been 8 of each. i know! i am kicking myself. so now the hunt for more of each size is on. should you happen upon some, please let me know right away.

oh gosh, they are sweet. 

now i have to find room for them, & for all the things i am hoping to find. this translates to purge. pout.

ok, my dearest one & only reader, i am off. see you tomorrow!



LA Mama said...

would love to hear more about thrifting around here... have seen a lot of clothing shops, but haven't encountered a lot of dishes/housewares, so apparently I'm going to the wrong places. :)

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

la mama,
i'm afraid i haven't any special places to share. i just go to any old thrift shop. i've discovered that the key to finding treasures is in how often i thrift. i try to go once a week, at least, because most times i come home with nothing.
sorry i'm not more helpful.
(i have seen more housewares *out* of los angeles.)

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