11 October 2009

oww & ooh

the past few days have been lovely, beginning with the return of beloved-yet-abandoning friends from their summer abroad. they; & their new bunny; came for a visit, which lasted well past sunset. it was wonderful to see them after so many months - i don't know who was more excited: the wretched shorties, or we mamas. of course my wee littlest one was immediately smitten by his auntie tinker. why should he be any different than his older brother?

the oww referred to above happened during our visit. let me take this moment to say: excited children & golf clubs do not go well together.

it's hard to see in this photo, but here we have thehobbit's first shiner. we were lucky that the club glanced off the bone beneath his eye, leaving only a faint blue/purple ring. so very lucky! the minitinker responsible for this artistry felt so terrible, that i felt just as bad for her as i did for thehobbit.

the ooh comes in the form of a shabby bookcase, gotten for free yesterday from a neighbor who wasn't able to sell it at his garage sale. hurrah for people who don't love ratty, old things as i do!

it needs a good scrubbing, but other than that, i think it's simply perfect. i cannot wait for tomorrow, when manlyman shall move the bookcase into my studio; to be filled after with stacks & stacks of fabric. hurrah indeed.
there have been other oohs making the past few days lovely: gifts of pomegranates & chocolate pie, other free treasures from the garage sale, the crispness of autumn in the air, & many hours spent with my boys.
i hope you are having such a wonderful time.

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