28 October 2009

what bebe really needs is coffee.

when he was first born, lemondrop received many prezzies from the older, well-to-do crowd, whom manlyman knows through work. we spent quite a bit of time discussing how generous we thought they were, & how blessed we were. then we put it all aside until we could get to the swanky shops to return it.

happily, we had been lucky in the amount (& quality) of hand-me-downs we'd received, so he didn't need more clothes. oh. did i forget to say it was all clothing? it was. golfer bebe clothes. yup.

we finally returned it this week, then spent quite a bit of time discussing how much it all had cost, how generous they really were, & how we wished shops still did cash-returns. what ever would we get lemondrop from swanky shops? i knew i'd never be able to dress him in a $40 onesie, let alone a $90 sweater.

then we spied the housewares department, & jumped for joy! & by 'we' i mean 'me'! look what we bought lemondrop:

we chose this one because it had a slight retro look to it, what with the dials & flip-switch.

now i'm a french press gal, but lemondrop prefers drip. finally he can have his cuppa just the way he likes it. plus i can brew enough for company without doing so in batches. it's just what thebebe needed - hurrah for prezzies!
we still have money left on the cards, but i'm going to set them aside until lemondrop needs something else for the kitchen. perhaps one of these? i'll have to ask him ;-)
i hope your day is a lovely one.

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