07 October 2009

i love clothes.

if that isn't the understatement of the year, i don't know what is.

i spent a good part of my pregnancy staring longingly at a closet filled with pretties, whilst my ever-growing belly forced me to wear more tent-like blouses instead.

well it's 10 weeks post-partum, & i find i'm still looking at that closet longingly. i did lose the pg weight (hurrah!), but i forgot about nursing. most of the easy-access blouses i own don't fit over my gigantic udders, so i've been sporting the same 3 outfits for weeks. blah. blah i say!

i can't afford a whole new wardrobe, but i am going to have to get a few items to get me through until xmas, when i can ask for more ;-). oh, & let me just say that online shopping is a new mama's best friend.

my first new blouse, courtesy of forever21:

i wore it yesterday, & loved how comfortable it was. it's a bit in the sheer side, so a pretty camisole (or in my case; a boring nursing tank) has to be worn beneath. i paired it with jeans, but i'm thinking it will look cute with a straight skirt. slightly turn of the last century perhaps?

there wasn't much more i liked on forever21's site, which surprised me. in the past i'd peruse their site, oohing & aahing & coveting as i went. it seems that the majority of their vintagey items have been replaced with 70s & 80s things. blah. they didn't even have the over-the-knee socks that are my winter must-haves.

my hope is that manlyman is up for a day of thrifting next week. if so, he can help with the boys, whilst i search for actual vintagey, easy-access blouses (& maybe a few sweaters?). i'd leave them all at home, but that would mean a much shorter day of thrifting, with having to rush home every 2 hours to nurse. i'd much rather take them all with me, & simply ignore manlyman's sighs of boredom.

& on that note: i am off to play moo-cow to my sweet little elfling. do you know of any affordable shops that sell vintage-looking clothes? do share!



asti said...

Good luck with the clothes shopping! I know that feeling well....I was only moaning this morning about the size of my ...well, you know.....they never shrunk back like they did with the first bebe ! Total nightmare :)

kat said...

thanks asti!

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