23 October 2009

stuff, then blah & blah

i haven't forgotten my promise to show you my new mirror, i've just been caught in a whirlwind of visitors & to-dos. the giant mirror did make it out from the middle of the bigroom, & now leans against a wall, looking simply perfect in all its shabbiness.

the giant bookcase; that was supposed to be moved to the studio, but made it only as far as the diningroom; was finally brought to the studio, & partially filled! i changed my mind about using it to house fabric though, & have instead been filling it with baskets, bins, & boxes of work supplies.

now i am back to searching for a tall, skinny shelving unit, with freakydeep (real word) shelves. it's out there, waiting for me, yearning to overflow with fabric. *insert dreamy sigh here*

as i said above, we've had loads of friends over to play; giving both thehobbit & i a break from each other our current routine.

we are also getting ready for our hallowe'en party. not one of our usual themed bashes; just a wee gathering, with close friends. that's what today's focus is: house prep & errands. also known as blah & blah.

& now to bring this ever so exciting post to an end. have a glorious day, do.

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