02 October 2009

blurry with a chance of pestilence

did you know that when your vision is blurred from a lack of sleep, you think the photos you're taking are in focus when they actually aren't? & that no matter how much you curse at the computer, your photos shall not improve? did you? did you?!

well we you know it now. you're welcome.

but the toes! even blurry they make me smile.

we've been playing a wicked game of pass the pestilence the past few weeks. as of today the score stands at: one seemingly better, one on the way to better, one in the thick of it, & one beginning today.
i have to say it's been no fun in the least, & i'd like to play something else. something like all well & relaxing in the south of france would be lovely.
& now i'm off to drink a hot cup of tea, & nibble on blurry toes.

1 comment:

asti said...

Feel better soon guys x (LOVE the toes)

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