27 August 2012

of tubes, tapes, & toddlers


my obsession with pinterest is not limited to amassing photos of things that make me smile. i also have been looking for ways to enrich my children's lives. sometimes those enriching moments also need to keep a certain elfling happily occupied, so mumsie can get a few things accomplished. this last bit is what i wanted to share with you today.

i found a wonderful cardboard tube activity (pinned from how we montessori) on pinterest, & quickly set up a mini version.

as i was working at the dining table, i taped the tube to the chair next to me. just another reason to love blue painters' tape! a drinks tray was set beneath the chair, to catch the crayons (the tube was ridiculously skinny) as they fell.

he love, love, loved this activity.

until he saw that i had left the tape out.

i lost count of how many times he tripped himself, bonking his head on the table & chairs.

this has become a regular thing at ye olde belfry: i set up a lovely activity, that all of blogland has assured me will be the wee beastie's most favorite thing to do ever-ever, leaving me with time to breathe! & within minutes he has found a way to require more of my attention than before.

le sigh.


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