26 October 2012

don't blink!


thebelfry clan is busy with last minute costume preparation. until only last week thehobbit, being a great old man of fourteen, had planned on not dressing this year. finally getting into the spirit of the season, he decided that he is going to be the tenth doctor. of course he is.

i am scrambling to gather the bits needed to pull this off. it would seem that whovians are quite the picky lot, so the costume must be spot on. unfortunately for the resident whohead - there is no way am i paying a lot of money for a suit that he will wear only a handful of times. 

i did find the tan trench coat, & he is in need of new sneakers, so hopefully his fellow whovians will be kind that he'll be spot mostly on. not sure if that is an actual saying, but i am too tired to backspace.

we do have time for one more thrift shop run. who knows? perhaps a suit will appear out of nowhere. as if the time lord himself landed the tardis inside the thrift shop, tossing one of his own suits out the door...


edited :: since the writing of this post we have thrifted & found the remainder of the tenth doctor's ensemble. not only did we find the perfect suit & sneakers, they were both in his size! thank you, oh goddess of thrifting!

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