15 October 2012

nookish wall images


 elfling's play-nook has bare walls no more! the majority of images were found through searching pinterest. i shall try to post the original owners of each. ready for a tour?

the above is our newest addition to the play-nook, & quite possibly the best sign ever. i want to have a tin one made, to hang on our front door. inviting, would you not agree? 

i think i have shown the poster in the foreground before; it is an advert for flat tire amber ale. they were giving them away at whole foods a few months back, & i knew instantly it would be perfect for the play-nook.

this illustration of i love you to the moon & back is simple & sweet. you can purchase one at this shop.

i came across this gorgeous illustration last year, & for the life of me cannot find where it came from. apparently i did not pin it, which makes me sad. if you are the artist, or know him/her, please let me know so i can give proper credit.

i love the message of this image. again, i do not know the artist responsible. the few pins i checked all lead to flickr, & other people gushing about its awesomeness.

i. love. the. toymaker. we have been printing her paper toys for many years now. in fact, the genteel fairy's appreciation society has been taped to that spot since this wee space was thehobbit's play-nook. beneath it is my license to priv.

& thus our tour comes to an end. but before i go, i thought you might like to see what was beneath my feet as i snapped photos above my head.

it would seem a certain elfling needs to be reminded of pies.


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