12 October 2012

recipe review - spicy sushi sauce


it has been ages since i did a pinterest recipe review, so i thought i'd do one today. notes of note: 1) i cannot find the original pin to share with you, & b) i am not sure if mixing two ingredients qualifies as an actual recipe.

notes out of the way, today i bring you spicy sushi sauce

we eat sushi at home on a regular basis, but i never thought to find out how to recreate the delicious, creamy sauce. i read a few recipes, & their comment sections, then attempted what seemed to be the most popular: kewpie mayonnaise & sriracha.

some say that regular mayo works fine, but the vast majority say that the result will be too mayo-ish. kewpie  is a japanese brand of mayonnaise, made with rice vinegar. by the way, those wanting to avoid msg will have to use regular mayo. kewpie comes in a squeezie bottle, & has a red kewpie doll on the packaging. i was disappointed that the image was not on the bottle itself. any asian grocery store will have this, & perhaps large markets with ethnic sections.

sriracha, also known as rooster sauce, can be found at most grocery stores these days. warning: it is addictive. oh, also quite spicy, so go easy if you are not into heat.

spicy sushi sauce

kewpie mayo

* squeeze the amount of kewpie you need into a bowl. this would be the same as you'd use in tuna or egg salad.
* add a squirt of sriracha. stir & taste.
* continue adding sriracha until it's hot enough. this sauce should be as hot as you can tolerate.

we had this recently & loooooooooooved it. my family are vegetarians, so instead of raw tuna or scallops we added mushrooms that had been sliced, sauteed, & cooled. it mimicked the texture perfectly. or as perfectly as two people who had not had raw tuna or salmon in over twenty years recall. firm tofu would probably work well also.

what will you mix with it?

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