10 August 2012

beat the heat


the weather has been freakyhot this past week. we belfries have been crabby at one another, & i personally have been sweating where a girl ought not.

to distract us from the weather, we have played with shaving cream bags in the tub, melted treasure ice, gone to the beach, played with the hose, & spent a great deal of time bemoaning the heat. that last was quite possibly only one of us. but it is ever so hot.

not one to enjoy cleaning, i had been putting off introducing mud to the mud kitchen. well, we got one step closer this morning.

in the dappled shade of the privet, elfling played happily with his mud water kitchen. gone are the days of his being content to make me pot after pot of imaginary stew. ah well, it was worth it to keep my wee elfling cool & happy.

but i am still so very hot.


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