24 August 2012

pretty in vintage

photo :: property of vera vague

i came across this photo whilst searching for vintage dresses doing homeschool research on pinterest. is this not the prettiest gown you have seen lately? of course, it sold many months ago, but she has many more pretties for sale in her etsy shop.

the photograph as a whole gets me swoony, i must say. i do not like the bright white, boring photos that you see all over etsy. i mean no offense to those who go that route, they just do not make me swoon like the above photo does. of course, it does not hurt that the gown & model are ever so lovely.

what is your favorite vintage pretty in her shop?



Kristin said...

What a pretty dress! There are a few bags in the shop that I have been in love with!

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

i was blinded to all else by the dresses. shall have to go peek at the bags now. thanks!

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