20 August 2012

a spoonful of fancy jar


it  is said that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. well, that may be true, but as i am to avoid sugar, i needed something else to help make the oat bran go down. don't get me wrong, i am still enjoying my daily brekkie, it is just that, to keep up with it, i needed to make it less of a chore. enter fancy jar!

technically the jar is not fancy, it is utilitarian. to me, that is perfectly fancy; much more fancy than the ugly bag the oat bran comes in at any rate. the large bag of oat bran fits nicely in the jar, which, i must add, was on sale. an all around win!

this line of thinking does work, by the way. i have had the fancy jar a week now, & have grinned like a loon each time i set about cooking my brekkie.

tiny jar of nutritional yeast pouted until i promised to point out how cute it is. 


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