06 August 2012

naughty thing


many years ago, i bought this spoon at an antique shop in oregon. i liked its utilitarianosity (real word). it never got used much, as i have a vintage bottle opener which swoons me even more. then earlier this year i lost my coffee scoop. i tried a few different spoons, & found that this one worked perfectly. one rounded spoonful per cup!

manlyman kept using the wrong spoon from the drawer, which, because i am who i am, drove me mad. i found this ugly, but fabulous hook (it's a command hook) at the dollar store, & hung it directly over the coffee pot. now the correct spoon is being used by all; the world can rest at ease.

honestly, i'd never given the writing on the spoon's side much more than a cursory glance. i knew it was an advertisement for a eugene shop, but nothing more.

the other day something caught my eye.

naughty thing.

i think i love this spoon even more now.

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