13 August 2012

a spot in the shade


manylman surprised me with a fabulously shabby pair of old chairs the other day! i had long craved a cozy chair, in a shady spot, just for me, & these chairs fit the bill to perfection.

for privacy from the neighbors, & because it is delightfully pretty, i hung an old lace curtain on the unused gate in our fence. now i can keep elfling company whilst he cooks in his kitchen, as he does me in mine!

the wind chimes were a gift from my mother-in-law. she knew how sad i was that manlyman could not be convinced of our need of a flock of hens, so thought the chimes would tide me over. they don't, but i love them just the same.

yes, i am still swoony over my be-ribboned tree. thank you for visiting with me in my shady spot :)


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