01 August 2012

keep calm it's a diy


recently i found this fun diy memo board on pinterest. not having the perfect shabby frame lying about, i tried a temporary board with a boring one found in the garage. 

once i popped in a piece of paper that looks like a faded old british map (a nod to the london olympics), & liberated a window marker from thehobbit, i gave it a go.

sure enough, it wiped right off! we have made good use of this board already: yesterday we wrote birthday wishes to elfling, & today i left manlyman a love note. 

as soon as i find the perfect frame, i'll make one using some vintage linen. you need to go make one now. shoo!


ps :: i am not writing a birthday post for elfling as i am still in denial. in my head he is 2yrs & 12 months old.

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