21 May 2012

of photos, cars, & rules

photo :: property of thehobbit
it used to be that i could rely on thehobbit for blog photos. not only does he have a good eye (here), he is rarely without his camera (unlike his mama). in fact, now that he has an itouch he is never without a camera. 

so if he is never without his camera; & has not yet had his good eye poked out in a duel with zorro; why am i saying that he can no longer be relied upon for blog photos? do you not see the above photo? does it look katish to you? it does not. in fact, i imagine you thought you'd landed on the wrong blog when you saw it.

the fact of the matter is this: my sweet hobbity one is now only interested in photographing cars. sure, he'll  get a wild hair, & snap a few photos of some fabulous random thing, or his freakycute little brother. mostly though? cars. this one was taken for his his orange-loving uncle.

i suppose it is time for me to literally dust off my camera, & take my own photos. i feel like an edwardian countess whose staff has just been greatly depleted by the onset of ww1. what? i must put on my own shoes? pour my own tea? take my own digital photos? why cannot things just stay the same?!

i am with you, imaginary edwardian lady, i am with you. 

in theory, i am thrilled that thehobbit has discovered a passion - in reality, not so much. i want him to be forever my dragon-loving, faery-hunting, hogwarty boy. cars are just not my thing. he broke the rules. he was supposed to never get angsty, never to stop loving the things that i love, & never to become interested in things that bore me. broken, broken, & broken. dreadful boy.

to recap: 

cars are boring
i have to take my own photos
ww1 was inconvenient
puberty changes things
hobbits are rule-breakers



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