20 August 2009

why no photos kat?

elvie (our main computer) has a virus, & i haven't the time right now to play doctor. this means i'm unable to share any photos of teeny toes with you - oh how i love teeny toes. don't we all?

what i can share is a stock photo of my new diaper bag!

i had planned on sewing my own; even chose the fabrics; but time (& that nasty pestilence) got in the way. after using my largest messenger bag a few times (which was not large enough,)manlyman insisted i just buy a proper diaper bag with one of the gift cards we'd received.

it took some time to find the perfect one, (wow there are a lot of sporty & trendy bags out there) but it was worth it. the fabric is a soft, fuzzy, chenille jacquard - so lovely. i have to say it's much better looking in person - the red is deeper, which gives the fabric an older appearance. if you're in the market for a bag, the company is ima rose-n-bloom.

manlyman wasn't pleased when i showed him the online photo, but admits to liking it vastly better in person. plus it's gigantic, which was his main reason for wanting me to buy a proper one.

ok, so no photos of my lemondrop's beautiful teeny toes, but hopefully soon.

i hope your day is a lovely one.


asti said...

thats a lovely bag...the great thing about it is that it doesn't look like a nappy bag! Hope you are getting a teeny bit more shut eye. Oh, those first weeks are full of extremes aren't they ? Looking forward to seeing babs toes xx

notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

Congratulations on the baby! That diaper/nappy bag looks lovely, I wish it would work as a handbag, I'd love it :)

kat said...

asti - just a bit more sleep, but every bit counts. you'll have to give me "mama of a kid & a newborn" tips!

notes - thank you! it would work as a handbag, but only if you don't mind gigantic ones.

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