28 August 2009

too darn hot

i know that i complain about the heat when the mercury rises to 75 85 degrees; but the past few days have been too hot even for the freaks who long to live on the surface of the sun. you know who you are.

apparently lemondrop does as poorly in hot weather as his brother & i. he has been a teeny, little miserable creature - which you know is just loads of fun for the rest of us. finally manlyman thought to look for white noise on youtube. he's spent quite a bit of the day with the wee guy, listening to hair dryers, rain, & babbling brooks. thank maude for manlyman & youtube.

finally i have some crafty items to share! this gorgeous waldorf doll was given to lemondrop the other day by his auntie oddsox. she left the arms & legs empty so his little hands could hold on more easily, & so he could suck on them if he wanted. or she was just lazy, & made that bit up ;-)

i stole the idea for this bracelet from a fabulous book. you wear it on the wrist that matches the breast you'll be offering next. just before your baby latches on, you switch the bracelet to the other wrist. (switch first, otherwise you'll leave little bead marks on your sweet bebe's head. i'm not admitting to anything.)

in the book, the abc beads shown were the tiny plastic ones. that didn't suit my style, so i used my antique-looking wooden beads. mine are a bit larger than their plastic brethren, but not terribly so. the rest of the beads spell out his name, so if it really was lemondrop it would read: lemondrop's next boob. it was just too clever an idea; & too sassy; to pass up.

if you make one of these bracelets for yourself or another, no need to give me credit as i stole the idea. please do mention the book though, because the woman who did come up with it deserves credit. i would give you the link to the woman's company, but i don't recall what it was.

that's it for today - i'm sweating where a girl ought not, so i am off to make some iced tea.


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